Jodie Paterson

Holistic Leadership Learning Coach

Jodie Paterson has worked in the education sector for 30 years with over 20 years of leadership experience. She most recently worked with the Department of Education supporting the leadership of NSW Primary and Secondary Principals.  She has been a principal in two Primary schools on the Mid North Coast of NSW.  In 2023, she has launched her own company JP Adaptive with a vision to support holistic leadership learning that contributes to personal growth and wellbeing, development of positive relationships and whole school improvement.

Jodie delivers professional learning, strategic planning support and coaching that aims to integrate and embed leadership practices that support organisational wellness and high levels of social support.  Jodie is a faculty member of the William Glasser Institute Australia and is an endorsed instructor of Basic Intensive Theory, Basic and Advanced Practicums.

Jodie collaborates with leadership teams  to customise the design of school plans and professional learning  to meet the contextual needs and priorities of the school. 

This includes initial analysis of need, strategic planning, development and presentation of professional learning for school leadership teams, teachers, parents and students supporting a culture of improvement and wellness.

Learn more about JP Adaptive’s philosophy  ‘Learn, Adapt, Lead


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