Mitchells Island Public School

During our 4 days of training, Jodie shared her knowledge, wisdom and experience in the most calm and gentle of ways. That she cares about people first and foremost, before any other title they may hold is obvious from your first interactions with her. She guided our group through the material using well planned and engaging activities, allowing us the space to practise new skills with as much support as we wanted. She was warm, open and incredibly honest, sharing from her own personal and professional experience and encouraged us to be brave in acknowledging and owning our own lived experience and using the skills we learnt to support us in taking the first steps to making real, lasting change in any area of our lives.  

Although this training was specifically suggested to improve student behaviour within our schools, the biggest impact for me has been in my personal life and being able to consciously and strategically identify systems and behaviours that are not actually serving me in the way I want them to and then applying the skills we learnt to begin to make intentional changes towards systems and practises that will serve me better. 

I cannot recommend Jodie highly enough.  

Sara Aylett, Assistant Principal, Mitchells Island Public School