Leaning in with care, curiosity, and connection to meet your personal needs.


JP Adaptive works with you to identify your professional learning needs.  You can choose from the existing suite of courses or be supported to prioritise need.  All professional learning is evidence based and designed to engage participants in thinking and reflecting on current practice.  Activities support staff to acquire new learning in a safe and supported learning environment.  There is a recognition that the learning process is not linear or rigid.  Your learning needs will be unique to your people and your context.  We adjust our course design to meet your needs.


Improvement requires more than just content delivery.  Our courses involve interactive activities and ongoing support to take learning into practice.  We aim to build staff competency and capability.  The aim is to embed new learning into practice, adapt current behaviours for self growth and organisational improvement.  We provide ongoing support post courses through coaching and strategic planning.


JP Adaptive believes in leading from the inside out.  All services support taking new learning and adapted behaviours into leadership of self and others.  The Learn, Adapt, Lead process is supported by understanding Neuroeducation, the science of how the brain works and how humans behave.

JP Adaptive Logo

The blue brain shape represents learning, and the blue colour is symbolic of professionalism and trust.

Adapt is represented by the circular shape of the whole logo and the green section adapting as the result of the learning.

The purple arrow completes the holistic cycle and represents lead.

The organic shapes representing the learning process as something that is not rigid, the circle also represents the cycle of learning (it is not linear).

The combination of the three shapes also looks like a flower blooming or growing or two hands holding and supporting the brain.

The ripples are the three elements interacting to each other.