Staff Wellbeing

Achievement of outcomes and lasting impact for students is directly impacted by the wellness of educators and school staff. The empowering of all stakeholders to thrive in safe, nurturing environments where relationships and connection are prioritised directly impacts quality of work and learning. This is increasingly challenging in the real world context. People require the understanding, skills and capabilities to create assets for health and wellness.

Core content and themes

Information, concepts, skills and strategies will be shared, explored and practiced supporting staff to build an understanding of what contributes to a state of wellness.

Key areas to focus:

  • What does it mean to be well?
  • Whose responsibility is wellbeing?
  • Individual wellbeing – planning, making it happen and sustaining behaviours for wellness
  • The importance of connection, social support and reciprocity
  • Contextual Wellbeing – planning for a work and learning place that promotes conditions for flourishing
  • What is stress and how does it impact me – what is science telling us?
  • Strategies for dealing with stress
  • Creating a wellbeing toolkit
  • Understanding the impact of trauma
  • Meeting psychological needs
  • Creating a school wide culture of wellness
  • What is the impact of a focus on wellbeing for whole school improvement

Participants will develop competencies utilising a set of core tools to support their own well-being and the capability to contribute to the contextual well-being of their school.


Face to Face

Content can be designed to meet the needs of your people.

  • Series of 3/4 Twilight sessions across a year Eg. One a term. This format is designed to comprehensively equip your staff with the knowledge, tools, and capabilities to impact their own wellbeing. Each session includes key focus areas and provides tools to implement and embed prior to reflecting at the following session. This program is designed to support a whole school focus on wellbeing aiming for school wide impact. Tools and support to measure impact and evaluate strategies are included in this package.
  • SDD or Twilight information sessions designed to focus on key elements of staff wellbeing

Participant Feedback

“This PL has provided me with the tools to look after my wellbeing, as well as support the wellbeing of others around me. Jodie's knowledge and enthusiasm for creating a culture of wellness was evident and the mix of practical and theoretical examples was particularly helpful.”
“The PL delivered by Jodie has been invaluable to me both professionally and personally. Having learnt how to support my wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of others, has enabled me to successfully contribute to the general wellness of my home and school life.”