Creating an Effective Culture for Feedback

The art of giving and receiving information that drives performance improvement requires preparation and skill. A culture built on trust and safety is essential to make the most of a well planned feedback cycle that drives forward focused improvement. There must be an effective process, quality tools and people equipped with the knowledge, competencies and confidence to create a culture for effective feedback.

Core content and themes

Research based information, concepts, skills and strategies will be shared, explored and practiced supporting staff to build an understanding of what creates a culture for effective feedback.

Key areas of focus:

  • The purpose of feedback
  • Skills in giving and receiving feedback
  • The barriers and blockers of feedback processes
  • Whole school processes to support feedback in your context
  • Cultivating safety and trust to support feedback processes
  • The Power of Discord and creating comfort in rigorous conversation
  • Shifting the focus of lesson observation and feedback processes from a compliance-based process to a purposeful and engaging process that supports motivation and wellbeing
  • Protocols and tools to support whole school processes

Participants will receive information and engage in interactive activities that support the building of competencies to take immediately into practice. Schools leave this course with tools created that meet the needs of their school context.


Face to Face

Content is designed to meet the needs of your people. Planning takes place with your leadership team to design the bespoke program for your context.

  • Series of Twilight sessions. This format is designed to comprehensively equip your staff with the knowledge, tools, and capabilities to immediately initiate the creation of an effective culture for feedback. Each session includes key focus areas and provides tools to implement and embed prior to reflecting at the following session. This program is designed to support a whole school focus on feedback aiming for school wide impact. Individualised tools to support implementation are created with your staff to support embedding into practice.
  • SDD or Twilight information sessions can be designed to focus on key elements of Creating an effective culture of feedback.

Participant Feedback

“Jodie sessions around feedback was so helpful to me and our staff. Teacher Observations are often a really tricky subject and Jodie‚Äôs sessions really helped our staff to become comfortable with talking about what effective feedback looks like in our school context. Jodie used and explained current research as well as her own personal professional experience as a school leader to support us to develop a shared language around feedback and create customised staff observation sheets, protocols and procedures around observations which have allowed our staff to become more comfortable and confident with our teacher observation process and engage in it more intentionally As someone who has always been comfortable with seeking constructive feedback, her sessions were also very helpful in allowing me to better understand my colleagues perception of feedback and how to best approach observations with them to make them a useful part of our teaching and learning cycle, and not the stressful situation they have been in the past.”

Sara Aylett, Assistant Principal, Mitchells Island Public School